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 Let the Jimmy Carter National Historical Park be your Standards-Based Field Trip Destination !

Utilizing the Georgia Standards of Excellence for Social Studies, Science, ELA, and Mathematics, students in Pre-Kindergarten-12th grades will be challenged to make real world connections through hands-on learning experiences as they explore the Jimmy Carter National Historical Park.


Boyhood Farm

The Boyhood Farm was owned by Earl Carter, Jimmy's father, from 1928 until the late 1940s. Jimmy Carter lived here from the age of four until he departed for college. The farm is restored to its appearance before electricity was installed in 1938. Students will have the opportunity to learn about President Carter's childhood as they spend a day on the farm participating  in standards-based cross-curricular activities.  

The Plains Train Depot

The Depot  contains a self-guided museum with exhibits focusing on the 1976 Presidential Campaign. It served as a train depot from 1888 to 1951, when passenger service to the area was discontinued. The building was opened in 1976 as Jimmy Carter's Presidential Campaign Headquarters.


Plains High School 

Plains High School serves as the park museum/visitor center. Visitors find a restored and furnished classroom, principal's office and auditorium. Other rooms feature exhibits that explain the Carters' lives in Plains, including political and business careers, education, family, religion and post presidency. There is a 25 minute video that focuses on the life and accomplishments of Jimmy Carter told by those who know him best, his friends, neighbors and family.

A view on the farm where Jimmy Carter grew up showing a blacksmith shop and a white building in the distance.
The historic Plains Depot is a white building with an American flag hanging on the side. There is an informational sign in front of the building that cannot be read from the image.
Plains High School is a large brick building with white columns in the center.
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